Universal Adobe Patcher 1.06

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Universal Adobe Patcher 1.06

Universal Adobe Patcher 1.06 PainteR | 34 MB

Universal Adobe Patcher - a small utility, which you will forget about the difficulties with the activation of virtually all existing products Adobe.

The public version patcher, different from private small cuts in the functional:
- Removed patch to not check editing notes.
- Removed patch tinkering with AAM in UMT (UMT so all there is).
- Removed patch adds support for WindowsXP Photoshop (13.1.2 and 14.xx).

At this restriction ended, now about what is in the kit:
+ "SnR" patch.
Unique patcher Muse. (Inside patcher full flash disassembler, which rebuilds the stick changing the necessary methods, such a luxury is not originally planned to be added to a "of knee" toy).

Patcher supports all versions of products in a single line, and initially he is looking for an application in the default folder for it.
1. Choosing a product in the list, we click 'Patch'.
2.1. If the product has been installed in the default folder, the files are automatically found, if not, then the patcher will ask you for him a place with the file.
2.2. If the product is not in the list, depending on the architecture of the product, select:
Patch another product with amtlib file (64-Bit)
Patch another product with amtlib file (32-Bit)
Patcher will try to find all the known sequence and patch them.
3. Enjoy.

All "buns" AAS remain operational, provided that the installation is performed using the original ESD distribution, in cases of assembly - it also builds on the basis of the original distribution.
How to update?
1. Return to the place patched files (do not forget for backup).
2. Use Update Management Tool for Adobe Products and updated.

Alternatively, if the update is not installed.
1. Perform removal of the product family unistallerom, but without erasing the application settings, deleting the corresponding checkbox must be disabled.
2. Install the product in the original ESD distribution (it is one that the server with Adobe).
3. Use Update Management Tool for Adobe Products and updated.
4. Obtain updated product with all the old plugins and settings (at least a set of figures, brushes and presets, if any).

+ Update Management Tool for Adobe Products 7.1
Update Management Tool for Adobe Products - program to download and install in offline mode all kinds of updates for Microsoft products Adobe, rulers CS5, CS5.5, CS6, and CC.
Standalone installer updates, the installer of custom distributions and boot all possible updates in one package for the product line CS5, CS5.5, CS6 and CC, as the development of the theme started.
AAM checks the type of the original license to install the latest updates (also bear the names: exclusive or cloud), the absence of that you will not get the update, and if you can not get to set!
each update your version of the product is required (in most cases the original ESD site Adobe), this launcher only bypasses restrictions in the licenses, so you can always download the updates via the Internet.
1. You do not have to worry about the current version of AAM installed in the system, it will not be affected (the installed version does not matter).
2. You do not need to have a license.
3. You can always use the online update.
Adobe uses a different name for the register files, as check takes extra time then copied both, but only one of the links will work.
Any modified source distribution line CS6, such as changing this method (removing unnecessary components). When you try to install the product, you receive a message that the distribution is damaged. This limitation is removed, verify signatures distribution killed.


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