Is London Olympic games the West’s salvation from its current uphills

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تاریخ عضویت : تیر 1391 
تعداد پست ها : 1114
محل سکونت : تهران

Is London Olympic games the West’s salvation from its current uphills

In the name of allah


Perhaps in between the Jew researchers , there are a few people that doesn’t blame west to cause 11 September and their own diabolic network , but its obvious that this magnificent event , was framed years ago in which West could begin its own new worldwide discipline .

A very old frame that its first signs must’ve been searched in Alister Krowley’s  ( Liber ) .

The reasons of this hand making event by jews are as much multiple and numerous that speaking of it requires a lot of time !

Although the Jews are legitimizing this event with childish alibis and even some buffoons inside are still trying to wipe the ugly face of their outsider friends , anyway that very event is as shiny as the sun for those whom have pure hearts and fact finder spirit .

The issue in which made me write the article is not the reasons for such an event to be taken place but is the probability for its anew occurance …

Not in U.S.A but this time in England and London …

Almost all the signs which were occurred were detectable there at the Olympics …

 Queen Elizabeth’s removal from Buckinghom ( the royal family’s residency in England ) with subterfuge of economic inaction & the need to income gained by renting the 30 thousand pounds worthed castle rooms

 the Olympics slogan is equivocal and could be meaned as we are the olymics victims : we are the mascots of London 2012

 the removal of BBC’s office from bush house to shephard’s bush

 very smart and sharp hints in one big explosion in London in video games and animations ( especially in its subways ) as much as we have seen lots of same signs about 6/11 ( the most important signs exists in the movie 2012 ) .

the symbol and signs of these games ( Zion ) and usuing two puppets like the anti crist

 extreme and unbelievable security contraptions that changed the competitions into one security area

 presence of  infamous and notorious firms that took part in people’s massacare like dow chemicals as the sponsors of the games in which had a role in massacaring 25000 people in Bhopal .

mental war , mind preparing , propaganda against Iran by Zionist press related to England’s Queen  like BBC regarding Iran’s grand nuclear jeopardy and also prevailing news like terrorist threats of the games and the probability of nuclear and biologic attacks against the Games !

 the Isreal’s requirement to one news bomb in order to pull out from Islamic awakening vortex and cause an excuse to mess with the public thoughts or make discords for Islamic countries ( Gordon Duff’s article , superior military expert ) , definitely Isreal with the help of Arab countries is looking forward to make a discord between Islamic countries , ( Arabian deploy against Iran and Syria and hizb allah ) ,and enter the western countries in a war against Islamic countries in its own benefits ( like Military involvements of NATO against Iran and Syria )

And a lot of reasons like that shows the probability of same event like 9/11 in olympics ( the countries that are counted formal by U.N are 193) with the presence of 203 countries . because the shock based on this event , for presence of worldwide athletes could turn into one big hot and global event .

The west is definitely seeking for all crisis happened after the Islamic awakening and deployed spirit of resistance and also the great current financial crisis . without a doubt its reasonable being ready and have redes to face such shenanigans .

Even if we accept that nothing is going to happen in the games , anyhow the historical behavioral models of Zionists shows that when the publics attention is focous on some special issue ( like international games ) , their shenanigan takes some especial form .

Preparing the public thoughs for military rage like a war against Iran or Syria requires a big event . therefor seeking the future and predicting is like a game of chess with considering the style and old models of one rival would be very usefull .

The article you read is just and just one political analysis . surely the fighting history of Shiea witnessed various cases that the almighty lord had showed their dirty hands in last moments .

Like world cup in south Africa which had the probability of war against Syria , but was neutralized with the attack Israel to Freedom Ships and increased the public hatred against them so Israel preferred to softened the rough atmosphere of this attack and delayed the attack to some other time .

Better be said that the obvious sings of Olympics impeled people like David Ike to speak , we gotta be smarter anyway

Ali Akbar Raefipoor


جمعه 20 دی 1392  2:40 PM
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