Telerik Reporting Sources v2012 Q1 RETAIL

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Telerik Reporting Sources v2012 Q1 RETAIL

Telerik Reporting Sources v2012 Q1 RETAIL | 13 Mb

Telerik Reporting is a lightweight reporting solution for all .NET cloud, web, and desktop platforms (Azure, Silverlight, WPF, ASP.NET and Windows Forms) which targets developers and end-users alike. Rich interactive and reusable reports can be created by developers in Visual Studio, and by end users in the desktop-based Report Designer. With the help of Telerik Reporting users can examine and probe data, export reports to Microsoft Office Word and Excel for further analysis, and even present them as PowerPoint documents.

For End-Users: Intuitive Standalone End-User Report Designer
The Telerik Report Designer empowers report authors with creating, editing and sharing ad-hoc reports. It is a desktop client tool which uses the latest UI standards to assist end-users with the process of creating reports and analyzing data. It is packaged as a single EXE file, which does not require installation.

For Developers: Create Reports with Ease in Visual Studio
Telerik Reporting was the first reporting tool on the market to introduce an innovative WYSIWYG design surface in Visual Studio .NET by implementing techniques used in drawing software. The surface simulates graph paper and represents the actual layout of the report elements as they would appear on printed paper. With the help of the numerous wizards the process of creating reports is extremely intuitive, with almost no learning involved.

Use Any Data Source
Since Telerik Reporting depends on standard .NET objects, you can bind it to any data source: all ADO.NET providers (SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, OLE DB), Business Objects, MS Access, XML, Web Services, and even to a file - there are no limits whatsoever.



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