Telerik Rad Controls for WinForms /w Sources v2012 Q2 RETAIL

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Telerik Rad Controls for WinForms /w Sources v2012 Q2 RETAIL

Telerik Rad Controls for WinForms /w Sources v2012 Q2 RETAIL | 55 & 94 Mb

RadControls for WinForms includes over 50 UI controls that you can use to easily build visually appealing, high performance Line of Business and Metro applications. Boasting a well-designed architecture, touch capabilities, support for Visual Studio 2010 and CAB, Telerik Windows Forms Controls are perfectly suited for your Enterprise desktop development.

Powerful Set of Business Critical UI Components
The Telerik Windows Forms component suite is designed to meet the ultimate demands of large-scale businesses for superfast, reliable and feature-rich desktop and touch applications. Leveraging the years-long expertise in interface development, Telerik delivers a comprehensive set of desktop components and tools to help you, the developer, focus on the core logic of your projects, and build upscale enterprise projects, with exceptional performance, modern UI and unbeatable end-user capabilities.

Touch Enabled Windows Forms. Metro UI Look and Feel.
RadControls for Windows Forms is the first suite on the market to provide full multi-touch support and API. The multi-touch API allows you to handle the touch gestures that occur on the screen and take action depending on what you need the Telerik WinForms controls to do. We also provide a set of ready to use multi-touch enabled controls (Grid, TreeView, Panorama, etc.) and Metro UI themes to start creating touch applications right away. And it works on Windows 7!




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