The KMPlayer Final

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The KMPlayer Final

The KMPlayer Final | 27.5 MB

KMPlayer - is a versatile player who can play almost any media formats, such as: VCD, DVD, AVI, MKV, Ogg Theora, OGM, 3GP, MPEG-1/2/4, WMV, RealMedia, QuickTime and others. The program also understands the subtitles on DVD discs and can record audio, video or images of any part of the playing piece. The player can work with internal and external filters and plug-in that enables you to control audio and video files playable settings. KMPlayer includes almost all the major codecs for playback of video and audio.

"Playing video and audio formats
"Built-in codec lets you play files without installed codecs
"Playing nedokachannyh and" broken "files
"The ability to store settings in the registry, and in the configuration file
"The ability to use the program as a portable player
"Support for Subtitle formats
"Integrated subtitle editor
"The ability to play an external audio track
"The ability to use plug-in for Winamp
"The ability to change skin interface
"Capture video (no audio or her) / audio file
"The ability to play a certain segment of the material
"Multilingual interface with support for Russian and Ukrainian languages.

Additional features:
"The ability to select the video processor
"Deinterlace Video
"The post-video processing for improved image quality
"Adjusting image sharpness and blur images
"Consistent and three-dimensional noise reduction
"Service Level
"Support for external filters DScaler
"The function of deceleration / acceleration to play the file while preserving the sound tones

-Fixed TS file.
-Fixed MP3 file bitrate info.


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