R2 SP1 Workstation "RED SENSATION" - English Only [Original]

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R2 SP1 Workstation "RED SENSATION" - English Only [Original]


Windows Sofware | R2 SP1 Workstation "RED SENSATION" - English Only [Original] | 3.35 GB

This is modded version of Windows Server 2008 R2 !

Platform -------------------> Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Releases from MSDN
Versions -------------------> Enterprise
Architecture ---------------> x64
Product Key ----------------> N/A
Activation -----------------> Not included !
Language -------------------> English only !

What's changed/added/fixed/modded:

-> Added W7 Boot Screen
-> Added Custom Install Splash Screens "Longhorn Out of Space"
-> Added Custom Logons Screens "Longhorn Egyptian Pyramid"
-> Added M$ Themes and modded ones too....
-> Added Custom Icon Set "Plastic Fantastic"
-> Added Red Aero Cursor Set
-> Installed W7 Aero Cursors
-> Installed W7 Sidebar
-> Installed W7 Sticky Notes
-> Installed W7 Games

-> Enabled Windows Audio
-> Enabled .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
-> Enabled Desktop Experience
-> Enabled Themes
-> Enabled Dreamscene
-> Enabled Audio
-> Enabled Wireless Networking
-> Enabled Server Backup

-> Disabled IE Enhanced Security Configuration
-> Disabled Complex Password
-> Disabled Password Expiration
-> Disabled CTRL+ALT+DEL at Startup
-> Disabled Shutdown Event Tracker

-> Uxtheme has been patched

-> Added msmpeg2enc.dll, msmpeg2vdec.dll and msmpeg2adec.dll for WMP11
-> Added BDA Support

-> Added "Take Ownership" to the right-click context menu
-> Added "Copy File Names" to Context Menu
-> Added "Copy To/Move To" to the right-click context menu
-> Added "Open Command Windows" to the right-click context menu

-> Not integrated : Internet Explorer 9 !!!!


Preinstalled :
* DirectX x86/x64
* Microsoft Silverlight
* C++ 2010 x86/x64
* dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64

* K-Lite_Codec_Pack x86/x64
* Java Runtime Update x86/x64
* Flash Player (IE and Non-IE) x86
* Flash Player (IE and Non-IE) x64
* Shockwave Full
* Nightly x64 (Firefox x64 Test Version)

Very Important ! During install system will reboot 3 times to complete all mods and tweaks. Do not stop it. You' will only need to chose a Password if you wish to set one and setup procedure will continue.

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