Photo Scissors Pilot 1.1.1

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Photo Scissors Pilot 1.1.1

Photo Scissors Pilot 1.1.1 + Rus | 4.5 MB

By means of Photo Scissors Pilot the owner of the digital chamber which is not having skills of work with Adobe Photoshop and other graphic packages, can get rid of the superfluous character or the subject which has casually got in the staff without effort. Unlike similar appendices on functionality, Photo Scissors Pilot does not close unnecessary object a mask from the cloned fragments of a picture. The offered program cuts out object from the image and tries to fill formed "aperture" by extension of nearby areas. This operation is completely automated, to the user accurately enough to lead round unnecessary object and, if necessary, to note the important details which should be kept in inviolability on the final image.
Utility Photo Scissors Pilot can be used and for performance of other widespread operations, from simple scraps of a picture before change of distance between key objects. To attention of users useful tools, such as Smart Patch, on the functionality similar are offered some to tool Clone Stamp from package Adobe Photoshop. And mechanism Content Aware Resizing offers an opportunity of "intellectual" change of the size of a picture. Into the complete set of delivery also enters a little demonstration "-----------", training to work with the appendix.

- the Marker for a choice of "unnecessary" and "basic" objects.
- the Choice of a direction in the field of removal (vertical / horizontal).
- the Opportunity of restoration of the initial size of the image after removal of object.
- Change of distance between the basic objects (with change of the size of the image).
- the Marker for a choice " other objects ".
- the Opportunity of preservation of the "main" objects without change.
- To remove small, unnecessary object by means of tool Smart Patch.
- To cut off images.

What You Can Do with Photo Scissors Pilot:
- Remove Objects
- Marker for selection of "unnecessary" and "main" objects
- Selection of direction in the removing area (vertical / horizontal)
- Possibility of restoring the original size of the image after removal of the object
- Change the spacing between main objects (with changing the size of the image)
- Marker for selection of the remaining objects
- Possibility of saving the "main" objects without changing
- Remove small, unnecessary objects with the Smart Patch tool
- Copy a " smart patch " from one part of an image to another
- Adjust the color of the copied and pasted object
- Crop images

OS : Win XP/2000/Vista/Win 7
Language : English/Russian


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