DJ Studio Pro

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DJ Studio Pro

DJ Studio Pro | 19 Mb

DJ Studio Pro - The ultimate music player and audio toolkit! Great for special occasions, clubs or just as your main player. Plays all audio types including MP3, Windows Media Audio, Real Player, Apple QuikTime, iTunes and Ogg Vorbis. Includes all conversion and editing features of our Digital Music Pad.

* Plays all audio types - Twin deck mixer player.
* Sound samples can be played over current song or when fading between songs.
* Lots of free MP3 sample sounds can be downloaded from our download page.
* Manual & automatic variable speed fading between decks.
* Offset & Effect play buttons - Fade stop and fade down buttons. Create offset play points for each song.
* Playing CD's - you can play tracks directly from CD, the track loads to memory in seconds, you can then remove the CD and insert another CD, the track will play to the end.
* Remove vocals when playing CDG MPX Karaoke CD's.
* Beat matching system. Create beat match offset play points for each song.
* Supports play lists.
* Adjustable Pre-Amp for improved sound



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