Alchemy Lab Remote Control Pro v3.1.0

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Alchemy Lab Remote Control Pro v3.1.0

Alchemy Lab Remote Control Pro v3.1.0

[align=left]Remote Control PRO is a network management tool that allows the Network Administrator to view and control network computers without having to leave their own workplace. The Administrator connects to a remote computer over the network and, having the remote desktop on the screen of his own PC, launches programs, changes computer settings, and initiates remote shutdown by using the keyboard and mouse of their own.

Advantages of Remote Control PRO

:: High Performance and Low CPU Load

The killing kernel mode driver technology used allows the program to make thousands screen updates per second. It also keeps the controlled computer CPU load as low as 5-10%.

:: Easy Remote Deploy To install the client software on multiple computers in your network, please specify the computers you need to control, and the program will remotely deploy the client software to the selected computers in minutes.

:: Encrypted Protocol

Remote Control PRO uses 128-bit RC4 protocol encryption that makes the program usage absolutely safe even in Wide Area Networks.

:: Reliable Security

You can configure the program to allow only selected users control the selected computer by specifying logins and passwords, or use Windows users and groups instead.

Additional Features

:: Built-in File Manager

Remote Control PRO has a built-in file manager which allows you to copy files to and from the remote computer with ease.

:: Built-in Messaging and Chat

Network Administrator can not only send a text message to the remote end (e.g. "Please do not touch the keyboard, I am installing software updates"), but even chat with the user to clarify details before helping him/her fix the problem.

:: Remote Clipboard Operations

With Remote Control PRO you can operate local and remote clipboard data with ease, e.g. copy text from remote computer and paste it in a text editor opened on the local PC.

:: Remote Task Manager

With built-in remote task manager you can control applications/processes/etc. running on the remote computer exactly as you do this on the local PC with the help of the Windows Task Manager application.

:: Full Screen Mode

The Full Screen Mode gives you the complete feeling that you are sitting in front of the computer you are controlling now!

:: Multiple Client Connections.

IT staff members can jointly manage and repair problem computers since the program allows multiple connections to a remote PC.

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