Touch tools 2.0 suite pr1.2

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Touch tools 2.0 suite pr1.2



یکی از بهترین برنامه ها جهت انجام تنظیمات مخفی (Tweak) ویندوز موبایل با اینترفیسی زیبا و امکانات:
مدیریت صفحه بوت اعم از سافت ریست، هارد ریست، تعلیق (Suspend)، خاموش کردن و قطع و وصل ارتباط دیتا
گرفتن عکس از صفحه ویندوز موبایل
مدیریت سنسور شتاب سنج و امکان چرخش اتوماتیک برنامه ها
انتخاب نمایش و یا عدم نمایش پنجره تعیین میزان صدا در برنامه های مختلف
امکان زوم در قسمت ها مختلف صفحه و یا برنامه های خاص

توضيحات به زبان سازنده:

Touch Tools for HTC is a powerful set of applications that let you modify different settings on your device that would not otherwise available to you.
There are currently 7 applications that make up the full Touch Tools Suite:
Touch Tools - This is the main interface for tweaking various system related settings.
Boot Manager - This give various options like Soft Reset, Hard Reset, Bootloader Mode, Suspend, Power Off and Disconnect Data. Can also integrate to Long Press End Key as an Action Screen.
Snatch Screen - Allows for taking screen shots on the phone by shaking the device which stores them to the specified save location. Includes various options.
Rotation Manager - Allows you to add Auto Rotation for applications you choose. Includes automatic Window Info detection: ClassName, EXE Path etc. Has List Import/Export support.
Slim Volume - Allows you to add support for the Slimline Volume display to applications you choose. Includes automatic Window Info detection and List Import/Export support.
Network Folders - Allows you to make use of your Pocket PC's networking capabilities by mapping shared folders on your PC to your device. Also supports Samba/Linux Shares.
PinchZoom Manager - Lets you add Pinch to Zoom support to your applications easily. Includes automatic Window Info detection and List Import/Export support.
What's New:
· Added: HotKey Management Option to Options Menu. This lets you choose a custom application or even a preset command to link to the Long Press of the End Key. This new function will also enable the Long Press Send Key in Settings> Personal> Buttons within the OS.
· Added: Format button to the Memory Information page under Device Information, allowing you to Format the SD Card when selected. This formats the card to the same specification as the HTC utility as I am using their API.
· Fixed: Start Menu Icon spacing option under UI Settings should be a bit more stable and compatible for more users.
· Fixed: Confirming Settings on the Bluetooth Settings page with the WIDCOMM Fix already Unchecked gave an unable to write to registry error.
· Fixed: Disable SMS Sent Notification option under Phone Settings page 2, did not work for ROMs that use HTC Messaging.
· Changed: Added additional options to the Performance Settings page. You now have even more options for selecting cache sizes, An option to Enable or Disable Cache Warming, Memory Allocation for certain HTC apps and Display Driver settings. You will even be able to select a different Display Driver!
· Fixed: SD Card detection was broke in the previous release of Touch Tools. Now when you are on the Memory Information Page under Device Information, when you have the Storage Card selected and its removed from the device, its detected and will automatically re-select the Device Storage correctly.
· Added: Restart Manila option to the Boot Manager app as some people find this useful.
· Changed: Altered the integration option in Boot Manager to make it compliant with the new HotKey Management Utility.
· Minor bugs fixed / code optimized.

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